Flood Warning

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National Resources Wales have issued a flood warning. There are high tides all this week which will flood the car park, but the high winds are also driving flood water over the Grist.

A Flood Warning has been issued by Natural Resources Wales.

Flood Warning in force: Tidal area at Laugharne.

Flooding is expected for: Property along the Grist, Wogan Street and Gosport Street as well as the A4066 St. Clears to Pendine road .

Immediate action required.

This Flood Warning is for tomorrow morning tide on Weds 3rd Jan 2018.  The winds are forecast to be force 8 from a Westerly direction.   High tide at Ferryside is expected to occur at approximately 06:40 AM on Weds 3rd Jan 2018.   Be careful on  low lying land, close to the estuary.


Flooding is expected to affect approximately 5 properties in this area

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