Community Awards

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Former Mayor Iris John welcomed other members and guests to the council’s first award presentation evening at the Millennium Hall on Friday the 23rd March.

While this was a joyful occasion it was also tinged with sadness as former Councillor Dilys Jones, whose idea it was, had sadly died.

The council introduced the award scheme to acknowledge members of the community who have given exceptional service to the community and Township.

The idea is that this will be annual award and will be presented to those living or working in the Laugharne who have demonstrated exceptional service to the community. The council will invite people who live in the township to nominate individuals for the award.

Two nominations were received just before Christmas. One was for the team that produce the Laugharne Newsletter. Former Councillor Ken Gough nominated the team as he felt that they were dedicated, gave freely their time, produced the magazine on a regular monthly basis and contributed to the community. The second nomination was for Martha Thomas who contributes to and is very active in several community organisations and volunteers her time regularly to assist people in the community.


At the January meeting members agreed that both nominations were excellent.Both received their awards and the council looks forward to meeting other worthy winners next year.

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