This walk has been designed to pass many of the places of historic interest in the township.  Although it is a circular walk and can be walked either clockwise or anticlockwise, this guide starts from the foreshore car park and sets off in an anticlockwise direction. However, as the walk is circular, you can also start anywhere.

Just follow the way markers. The walk is 2.75 kilometres or 1.7 miles long. Take as long as you want and visit places along the way. Stout shoes are a sensible option, as there is a section of the walk that can be muddy after rain. Apart from one set of steps, the walk is generally flat with some gentle climbs.

If the tide is in, you might need to use an alternative route!

Laugharne has a network of interconnecting footpaths. These provide a wide range of other walks including the Wales Coast Path and leaflets are available.

Try Dylan’s Birthday Walk and come back on your birthday each year.  Children will enjoy the riddles along the Talacharn Town Trail designed by local children, which overlaps this Heritage Trail. If you are planning a long walk from the foreshore car park, check the tide table before you leave, as very high tides will flood the car park.