Welcome to Laugharne

Come and visit the historic township of  Laugharne, once you have visited, you may never want to leave. This website has been designed to develop into a site that will tell you about the heritage and history of Laugharne, encourage you to walk its network of footpaths and visit it historic places and keep you informed about the work of the Laugharne Township Community Council.

About the Council

Laugharne Township Community Council is an elected council representing the people of Laugharne. It meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7.00 pm in the Millennium Hall, Laugharne.

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Laugharne Heritage Trail

This walk has been designed to pass many of the places of historic interest in the township. Although it is a circular walk and can be walked either clockwise or anticlockwise, this guide starts from the foreshore car park and sets off in an anticlockwise direction.

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Laugharne History

The borough or township of Laugharne was probably first founded soon after the castle was built in 1116.The town or borough of Laugharne received its first known charter in either 1290 or 1307 from Sir Guy de Brian. Sir Guy held the Lordship of Laugharne and its castle.

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‘Laugharne Township Community Council’