About the Council

In 1972 Parish Councils in Wales were replaced with representative elected community councils. Laugharne Township Community Council has eleven members or councillors. Each year they elect one of their members as Mayor. This year it is Cllr Roxanne Treacy.

The community council owns the Green Banks and the Foreshore Car Park. The council provides footway lighting, seats and planting throughout the community and organises the Christmas lights. Organisations can apply to the council for small grants to organise community events and activities.

The council works with the county council on various projects and also  as a statutory consultee, comments on planning applications. The council is not responsible for rights of way, but regularly brings access issues to the notice of Carmarthenshire County Councils Rights of Way Officer.

The clerk to the council is Dave Gordon-Cranmer. He can be contacted at;

Email: clerk@ltcc.wales

Following the recent election the following are now your representatives

Cllr Leonard ML Brown
Corran Mead
Wogan Street
SA33 4SP

Cllr Iris John
17 Orchard Park
SA33 4TQ

Cllr Robert E Stevens
Salt House Farm
SA33 4RP

Cllr. John Bradshaw
Sunny Hill
Holloway Road
SA33 4SL

Cllr Don Avery, Y Felin Wyynt Cross Inn Laugharne SA33 4Q

Cllr Lucy Hill, Arnant, The Laques, Laugharne, SA33 4TP

Cllr. Roxanne Treacy, 3 Clifton Street, Laugharne, SA33 4QG

Cllr JDR (Roy) Thomas, Old Smithy, Victoria Street, SA33 4SE

Cllr Stephen Kirkwood, Honeywell Barn, Halfpenny Furze, Laugharne, SA33 4RA

Cllr Pam Jones, 14 Victoria Street, Laugharne, SA33 4SE

Cllr. D. Morgan Lewis, Meadow View, Sir Johns Hill Road, Gosport Street, Laugharne, SA33 4TD

Your county councillor is;

Cllr Jane Tremlett
The Ship & Castle,
King Street,
SA33 4RY

01994 427709/427444


LTCC Standing Orders 2013 – Copy


2016.03.02 – LG ethical framework – Stakeholder letter – English

Code of Conduct amendment order

Good Councillors Guide 2017

Local Government Act 2000 Updated Code of Conduct 2016

Code of Conduct Community Councils August 2016 ENGLISH

LTCC Youth Representative description Eng

LTCC Youth Representative Job description Cym